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0 and vSphere 6. When I let it install the system and resize the disk afterwards, it also won't recognise the new size.
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    If you want to genetate the report.

  • However, when I look at the datastore from the web GUI, I see the following: DFS02-ctk.
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    VMware Datastore shows the correct size and usage but NetApp shows incorrect LUN free space.

  • We extended one of the LUNs from 16 to 20TB, but vCenter still shows 16TB size.
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    It is just that the vsphere web-client somehow pulls wrong value and generates warnings based on that value.

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    May 23, 2023 · Using an 8-KB block size, total IOPS increased between 3% and 16% when scaling from one VM with a single VMDK to four VMs with 16 total VMDKs (four per VM, all on a single datastore).

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    I have a VM called DFS02 which has a 9TB disk attached and is formatted as Thick Provision Eager Zeroed so by my knowledge, when I look at the vmdk on the datastore, it should show as 9TB.

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    1 Update 1 or newer environment, the Datastores view and the Summary tab in vCenter Server report an incorrect amount of free space on.