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Became a Master in the fourth century and now heads the Fifth Ray Department. The Sirians are a star race from the Sirius star system.
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  • Raku is a lightning bolt-shaped symbol used for grounding.
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    Unable to develop cognitive thought they lived in the present moment harnessing the divine.

  • He is now a Master on Shamballa.
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    We are one of.

  • Top Sirius Black.
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  • ” 100 by @pommedeplume (March 10, 2060) It’s Remus Lupin’s 100th birthday.
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    Most of the souls cannot survive on Sirius; therefore not many dwell there.

  • Brightness.
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    According to Sekina Rose, Blue Ray starseeds came from many different planets that ascended and higher dimensions to help humanity raise consciousness on earth.

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